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IPC-8610 Image Workstation for Rapid CT Inspection of Lithium Batteries

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  In 1998, China first introduced lithium battery related technology, after 26 years of development, the lithium battery industry has formed a comprehensive industrial chain and the world's leading market scale, forming a parallel pattern with Japanese and Korean enterprises. Nowadays, lithium batteries are used in a wider and wider range of applications, including electric vehicles, electric light vehicles, power tools and so on. Although lithium batteries are characterized by high energy density and long lifespan, the safety risk has also aroused people's concern.

  A series of recent lithium battery accidents have triggered social concerns. For example, on April 7, a man in Beijing's Fengtai District charged his electric car at home, resulting in a fire that killed two people and injured one. on April 9, a fire broke out in a residential compound in Shanghai, resulting in the destruction of nine electric bikes and two cars. on April 17, a new-energy car in Linhai, Zhejiang Province, caught fire and the entire car was scrapped. on April 21, a fire broke out in an electric car in a neighborhood in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, affecting 15 electric cars beside it. The fire affected 15 electric cars next to it. Although lithium batteries provide a lot of convenience, these incidents remind us that the safety of lithium batteries is also a cause for concern.

  In order to solve this problem, YDS Tech, together with its partners, provides customers with an X-ray fast CT inspection system that supports a limited angle of up to 3s for the inspection of defects inside the battery, and generates 3D images through computed tomography, which can clearly indicate the internal structure of the object, including the type of defects or the exact spatial location, as well as the OH value that can be measured, thus preventing the occurrence of lithium battery safety accidents from the very beginning. . This detection technology is crucial in the production process of lithium batteries.

  Our partner WSITEK, as a leading industrial X-ray inspection solution provider in China, has been focusing on X-ray imaging technology for more than 10 years. With the technology of image acquisition, image processing and motion control integration as the core of its products, and in-depth research in the lithium industry, Vison Imaging has been able to provide fast CT solutions for multiple scenarios such as dimensional inspection, alignment inspection and appearance defect inspection in the battery manufacturing process to help customers improve the safety of lithium batteries.

  In order to realize the visual display effect faster and better, WSITEK chose YDS IPC-8610 industrial computer. Equipped with Pentium/Celeron processor, 128G RAM, and 4090 graphics card, the IPC can quickly process and analyze X-ray images to improve inspection efficiency. In addition, IPC-8610 IPC has high stability and reliability, which can effectively prevent system failure. x-ray inspection system requires high stability of computer equipment, IPC-8610 adopts industrial- level design, which can work properly in harsh environments to avoid hardware failures affecting the accuracy of inspection results.


Features and advantages of IPC-8610 industrial control system  

1. The IPC is equipped with a Pentium/Celeron processor and supports up to 128G memory, which controls the switching and adjusting of the X-ray emitter to ensure that the X-rays can be accurately irradiated to the inspected objects.

2. Powerful Graphics Processing Capability: Supports three independent display outputs with a maximum resolution of 3840X2160 pixels, which can include image enhancement, filtering and reconstruction operations to obtain clearer inspection results.

3. Data acquisition and processing: IPC-8610 industrial computer can analyze and compare the images, and identify the defects and abnormalities in them to help operators make accurate judgments and facilitate subsequent inspection and analysis.

4. Provide user interface, so that the operator can easily control the operation of the whole X-ray inspection system, parameter setting and result viewing, and reduce the occurrence of human errors and accidents.

  Supported by high-performance hardware and software, IPC-8610 industrial computer can realize automated control, data acquisition and image processing of X-ray inspection system to improve inspection efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, IPC-8610 industrial computer can also realize remote monitoring and data transmission, making the X-ray inspection system more intelligent and convenient. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application fields, the application prospect of IPC in X-ray inspection system will be wider. Let's look forward to the future of industrial computer for X-ray inspection system to bring more innovation and development.

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